Tuesday 1 December 2009

Beyond Evil.

In one bedsit, a new guy moved in, he seemed OK, recently split up with his girlfriend, mid 30's. liked a drink, missed his kids, chatted to me about football, after a while he moved out and life carried on, I bumped into him in the street one afternoon, I was coming out of the chip shop, he was living in a flat nearby, we had a bit of a chat and went our seperate ways.
3 am, that same day, we had 2 Police officers knocking on our door, someone else answered, I was annoyed at being disturbed but  Police visits to bedsits go with the territory, it can be anything from a drug raid, a skipped bail enquiry or on one occasion a visit from a WPC who called round to inform a tenant his father had died, I was used to them by now.
I went back to bed, woke up a bit later, went to work and went about my day, later I found out on the local news that the person who had lived in the next room to me couldn't handle his girlfriend wanting to end the relationship, that he had repeatedly used her as a human punchbag and flipped when she met a new boyfriend, he went round to her home, killed her and 2 of their children, after doing so he put his youngest child in the car drove to a local landmark, left this innocent little child in the car and jumped to his death, by this time I had seen so much of human nature that nothing failed to surprise me, it was without doubt an act of evil but only years later did it actually sink in, I had become immune to feelings.

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