Wednesday 2 December 2009

Opposites attract?

I love women, I really do, I often think they are better listeners than men but from my experience on a night out they can outdrink and usually outfight most all male groups, I can only imagine what an all female flatshare/bedsit must be like, the first woman I lived in bedsit land with (actually teenage girl with attitude), we've already discussed but there were to be several more, including a feisty Irish student who manipulated every person/situation she possibly could, I found her utterly charmless and she made no secret of her contempt for me either, then there was another young schemer (I began to despair of youth at this point despite only being in my 30's myself) whose wretched existence seemed to consist of trouble causing and general nastiness, a relatively decent middle aged woman whose boyfriend (who must have been about 60) used to send her to the off licence to buy cheap cider at 8am, I felt sorry for her so let her borrow my spare TV of course she moved out and I never saw her or it again, so much for charity, a Zimbabwean woman who dressed in the most bizarre clothes ever and once informed me that we should 'stand together' and complain to the landlord, strangely the only complaining she ever did was abouut the other tenants, it didn't stop her making a ham fisted attempt at seducing me though! Finally there was another teenager, nice girl but seriously troubled, dressed in dark clothes, listened to goth music and saw the negative in everything, still it seemed a bit hypocritical asking her to cheer up living in such surroundings.

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