Tuesday 24 November 2009

And now for the weather.

I liked Tom (name changed slightly), nice old boy, he had lived in Rhodesia, later Zimbabwe for many years, had a good time, spent all his money and didn't care about the future, one day a doctor told him that another African winter would be too much, by this point, Tom was well into his 70's, no children and no money, so rather than bake to death he caught a one way ticket 'home'. Home turned out to be a bedsit where he virtually died before our very eyes, his life consisted of slow, shuffling movements, speeches where he seemingly had to fight for breath, a trip to the local off licence to buy his bottle of wine and a quick review of his life contained in a biscuit tin, I liked him, Kev used to toy with him and he was just an harmless, lonely old man, he didn't die through heat, he froze to death in a bedsit, nobody really noticed, his family appeared at the funeral along with maybe 10 other people, it was the most ironic death ever, file under forgotten.

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