Tuesday 24 November 2009

My Favourite people.

The landlords....who else? My first ever bedsit landlord was a GP, he made a point of appearing in the local paper every time a charity photo shoot cropped up, did 'business' in his surgery between patients appointments and when I moved out of his hovel, it's getting ironic now, the place was a potential breeding ground for God knows what diseases and the person renting it out was a doctor, was he after business or something? I did progress to a 'self made' couple who at least kept their houses in a reasonable (for bedsit land) condition and another 'self made', (this means having a car on credit, a house out of town and membership of a golf or tennis club) working class hero who informed me that one of the other tennants was 'A bit of a nutter but harmless', slowly I started to see the link between money and greed and moved into a relatively decent place where the landlord used to plead poverty while having a new car every year, going on holiday to places I only know from the Sunday Supplements and having 'clothes parties' where basically anything they had worn once was considered untouchable, I met one landlord with a tolerance to 'certain drugs', every time he got his rent, he fell further behind with his mortgage by measuring out amphetamine on the kitchen table, next up. a middle class part of town, a nice house, so far so good, a landlady who didn't like me and didn't like the council to know who was living in her house was followed by my first ever 'Rachman' experience and then 'Mr Soft' but more of this later.

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