Tuesday 24 November 2009

The Full Monty.

My next port of call was actually quite a humorous episode, I shared with a Korean war veteran who used to drink cider every day and once tried to sell me a pair of shoes about 4 sizes too small, an Illegal Jordanian immigrant who turned out to be a really nice guy, very intelligent and at least he worked unlike many of our own parasites including John the stripper, The first thing I noticed about John was his dress sense, he had none! Jumpers that were about 30 years out of date, tracksuit bottoms that looked like he had slept in them and slip on shoes, his look was topped off by a mullet hair cut, a fake tan and a Jason King style moustache, amazingly he worked cash in hand as a stripper, the house itself was OK but in order to get a shower you had to put a 10p coin in a meter and guesstimate the temperature, length of time you got, it could be anything from 5 minutes of warm water to 30 seconds of scalding hot or maybe 2 minutes freezing cold, the electricity was on meters too, meaning I missed countless film endings or last 10 minutes of football games while I hunted around with a torch to find a coin to put in the slot, there was never a dull moment, watching John go out in his various outfits or wearing his 'best' clothes (Chino shirt complete with bootlace tie, blue corduroy trousers and of course black slip on shoes), but more of him later.

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