Thursday 26 November 2009

The Drugs don't work.

Neither do a lot of people who take them, these people have given up on life and can't see beyond the next few hours. I was used to just about anything happening so one day when a young (unemployed) person who was living in the room next to, above or below me (it gets confusing) had a 'mate' round simply because he 'had some drugs' experience told me they would use up whatever supply they had, his drug friend would either stagger home at some point or fall asleep on the settee and disappear, he did but it took him about three weeks, in the meantime he proceeded to squat in a bedsit, not bother to change his clothes or get washed but somehow manage to get hold of drugs, in the meantime he met a girl who was about half his age and came across as decent, intelligent and she had some ambition, I met her by chance in the street some time after and she told me she lost all reason, had no idea what came over her and couldn't explain what the hell she was thinking of getting involved with such a loser, he couldn't work out why a drug taking squatter wasn't very attractive in the long run to a teenager, ironically enough I also saw him in the street recently, he looked painfully thin, his face was etched with hatred and the effect was quite remarkable, his eyes showed no trace whatsoever of humanity or compassion, I guess he has given up on life.

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