Wednesday 25 November 2009

After the divorce courts.....

A lot of divorced people end up in bedsits, usually they are quite bitter, I think I would be if I had gone from living in a nice house with a family to dossing about in a bedsit, one such guy lived with me, a young girl who had false front teeth (the gap between her ears was even bigger) and had quite an active 'love life', including one memorable night when she entertained someone she met in a nightclub, kept us awake with her moaning and groaning despite earlier informing us she was 'on her period' and was going to be a 'good girl' and dragged the once white bedsits to the washing machine at 5 am as I was setting off for work, I didn't feel like breakfast that day, another Young lad who seemed quite reasonable and some loner we referred to as 'Guru' (don't ask me why), this divorced guy used to have his kids round on a Sunday, he seemed ashamed of them seeing the squalor he was living in and they looked embarrassed, the whole thing was a bit sad really, I was to meet many more like this along the way.

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