Monday 30 November 2009

Holes in the walls

At the dosshouse, things reached an all time low when some of the more doped up tenants/visitors thought it would be amusing to fire a ball bearing gun at the living room wall, one of them stuck to drink one night but when he came home and attempted to go to the toilet he missed, however he managed to 'go' everywhere else, the bath, the shower curtain, the sink and even the bathroom walls, another later tenant would get drunk on vodka at 8am, fall asleep and soak his trousers and settee, it was interesting time, especially when one of the inmates decided to punch a hole through a window, cutting his wrist into the bargain and leaving a trail of blood everywhere, he declined hospital treatment, instead he just wrapped a tea towel around his severed wrist and kept it there for the next six hours or so.


Anonymous said...

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DS said...

Thanks, you know the expression 'Truth is stranger than fiction'? I can vouch for that through experience!