Tuesday 24 November 2009

Good times, Bad Times.

There now follows a period of relative normality, I met a girl and was living in a decent house sharing with 2 guys of similar age and on a similar wavelength, it was a happy, relaxed time which only came to an end when one of the guys moved out, his mate went shortly after, leaving me and my then girlfriend, we were OK, paid the bills, looked after the house etc but the homeowner decided to put the house on the market, we were given first refusal.....and we refused! Moving into a terraced, Victorian 'student house' put a strain on our relationship, well we broke up shortly after which put me on a downer, which was worsened by the frequent student 'parties', especially when one of them took a LSD tab and was convinced he had 'discovered' things, pity he didn't discover soap and water, I discovered the way out.

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