Friday 27 November 2009

They're watching me!

I remember an old song that went something like 'I got the feeling, somebody's watching me' so when someone moved in who actually believed this I learned to tread carefully, his entire persona just sent out the wrong vibes, apart from constant mood swings and a monotone voice not to mention, the most penetrating stare ever, anyway this space cadet actually believed the authorities were monitoring him via fibre optic cables, to throw them off the scent he would sleep downstairs or put black tape over cracks in the doors or windows, one night I came home and he had taken the lights out believing that he could feel static electricity, given his lack of personal hygiene it was more likely to be scabies, things took a turn for the worse when he was sat on a table with his head in his hands, attempts from various people at reasoning him were met with indifference, we tried explaining that when we came home after a few drinks and he was sleeping on the floor or taking lights out causing us to fall over him, he was putting not only us but himself in danger but to him there were greater risks, his entire security was being compromised and he needed to tell the world that the powers that be were watching us, the men in white coats would have had a field day, we just accepted his 'eccentricity' with raised eyebrows, after all, the landlord informed he was 'harmless', I wasn't entirely convinced myself.

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