Wednesday 25 November 2009

Let's do some drugs.

No, not me, my drug of choice is beer, I like a nice cold lager but I must be the only person in the world who has been evicted from a bedsit for not taking drugs! The official explanation was that I 'didn't fit in', the truth was more like a live in landlord who by the way was terrified of his mother worked out how much money he had coming in, what drugs (usually amphetamine,whizz, billy or speed to you and me), he had and than proceeded to spend his money on this crap, and when mummy came round to ask why the mortgage hadn't been paid, I got kicked out at short notice he could only offer me a muttering apology, I was reading a book at the time and was told I had done 'nothing wrong', but I knew the truth, he wanted to do drugs, run away from his mother and cling on to dear life, all very commendable, mind you he was 40, jaded and dabbling in God knows what substances, his 'girlfriend' was about 18, obnoxious and like a vulture wanted to prey on him, I was a danger and had to be dealt with, I just didn't fit in. The house was within walking distance of the local football ground and the fish 'n' chips at the local outlets weren't bad either but that's life!

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